River Drava

Did you know that just the river Drava is linked to the origin of the town of Belisce?


In 1884, Company S. H. Gutmann from Nagykanizsa (Hungary) bought location of Belisce, in the former cadastral municipality Bistrinci downstream on the right bank of the Drava river, barren meadow surrounded by quality oak forests and raises the first sawmill, and later even settlement Belisce.


There ewere many rafts, scaffolding and smaller ships transporting wood, tannin and various wooden products of the company through Drava products, while at the place of the former rafts (motor Skeletons) in 2001 the bridge Belisce was built.


Old Drava is placed on the left, Baranja's coast. It is a rich habitat for diverse plant and animal species, such as moles, hedgehogs, herons, ducks, shrews, bats, grass snakes, lizards, frogs, toad, carp, pike, catfish, Prussian and many others. Today, the coast of Drava makes a grreat shelter er for all fishermen, sportsmen, recreationists, painters and walkers.


Drava is also linked to the name of Belistce's canoeist M. Ljubek. Matija Ljubek was called the best Croatian Olympic winner, who won four Olympic medals and 300 world medals.

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