When I want to relax I would...

Your ideal travel partner is...

First thing you do when you reach your final destination...

Perfect Sunday includes...

If I could go to Mars, I would like to be a...

Read Read a book or two
Relax Take it easy
Hot bath Hot bath for two please
Jump Jump jump
Family Family
Couple My partner in crime
Stranger Perfect stranger
Selfie Me, myself and I
Eat Find something to eat
Call Call the family
Bikerent Where can I rent a bike?
Kiss Kiss your partner
Swimm Swimming in a pool, hopefully alone
Bbq Family bbq (OK, bring in the neighbours also)
Picnic Picnic for two in the park
Bike country Bike ride in the countryside
Garden Mars gardener
Rocket Rocket engineer
Yoga Lower gravity Yoga instructor
Mars Hopefully you mean Mars-sous-Bourcq in France Ardennes